The Little Book of Flyfishig Book Review

Flyfishing is at once challenging and inspiring. It draws anglers to wild and beautiful rivers in search of trout and salmon that are equally wild, beautiful, and elusive. Oh, yes, it is that--and more. It is also splitting the crotch of your waders when belly-button deep in an icy torrent. It is seeing the tip of your $400 fly rod inexplicably drawn, like a wayward dowser's switch, to a closing car door. It's watching your favorite fishing hat--the one you've owned for two decades and which is adorned with all your favorite flies--pitch over the lip of the rapids and into memory. A minute later, it's floating helplessly after the hat when you lose your footing on a greased bowling ball disguised as a mid-stream rock.

That's life, and that's flyfishing. And all its triumphs, sorrows, joys, defeats, magnificent waters and bright fish are found in The Little Book of Flyfishing. This is an honest book portraying the thrill of victory and the agony of piscatorial defeat. Here is the intrepid angler landing a giant brown trout with a size 22 Trico on a gossamer tippet.

Here, too, is the frustrated nimrod hooked to the fish of a lifetime when his reel inexplicably detaches from his rod and plunges to the bottom of the river.

Anyone who has deftly thrown a fly to a rising trout or who has tangled his line in an overhanging branch will smile, grimace, chortle, and knowingly nod at the familiar but rarely photographed vignettes depicted in this unusual book. The text accompanying the scenes--expletives deleted--will warm, cool, or wrench the heart of any true flyfishing aficionado.

Tom Davis and Dale C. Spartas are the same writer-photographer team responsible for the top selling book, Just Goldens. Dale C. Spartas also photographed Just Labs (90,000 in print).

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