Whitefish Can't Jump

Whitefish Can't Jump

E. Donnell Thomas
Whitefish Can't Jump
& Other Tales of Gamefish
on the Fly

Nineteen lyrical stories
presenting an absorbing
celebration of the
fly-fishing lifestyle

Hardcover, 167 pages
Published by McGraw-Hill
In his Preface to Whitefish Can't Jump, Don Thomas writes: "A space alien arriving on the Big Hole during the middle of the salmon-fly hatch might conclude that the same sport an earlier writer had trouble distinguishing from religion is really about entomology, fashionable outdoor wear, and power, all of which is wrong. Above all else, fly-fishing is about fish and the places they are found.

Here, then, are nineteen fly-fishing stories refreshingly devoid of Latin, pink shirts, and angling glitterati--stories where the fish and the places they are found unabashedly occupy center stage.

From each story we learn a little about fishing, a lot about fish, and a thing or two about life--or at least the kind of life where time spent on the water with fly rod in hand is infinitely more important than time spent anywhere else.

"This is one of the best books on fish (not just fly-fishing) I've read in years...as (Thomas) might put it himself, Whitefish Can't Jump is full of unnecessary fun, not to mention fine and informed writing. This book is wonderful, period."

--Steve Bodio, books editor for Fly Rod & Reel

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