A Wedding Gift

A Wedding Gift

John Taintor Foote
A Wedding Gift:
And Other Angling Stories

With Special Introductions
and a New Story
by Timothy Foote

Published by Lyons & Burford
Here are John Taintor Foote's three classic--and irresistible--stories about that notorious fly-fishing addict, George Baldwin Potter: "A Wedding Gift", "Fatal Gesture," and "Daughter of Delilah."

In the title story, Potter, at forty, marries a charming young woman. Always unable to believe that others are not as interested in dry-fly fishing as he is, for their honeymoon he takes her (and his prized Spinoza fly rod) to the backwoods of Maine. What follows, in this and the other stories, is marital and fishing mayhem--and perhaps disaster.

Timothy Foote, John Taintor Foote's son, has added to this collection an unpublished story of his own, "The Loch Ness Monster," about George Baldwin Potter's son--and a life almost blasted by fly fishing.

Years ago, I received this book as a Christmas Gift, and loved it so much I have continued to give it to my friends and family as a gift...even to those who don't fish. It's hilarious!

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