The Snowfly: A Novel

Joseph Heywood
Mystical, irreverent...
a vast international
conspiracy that links
spies, loquacious sexpots,
bumbling journalists,
a famous macho writer,
and trout fishers.

Hardcover, 416 pages (October 2000)
Published by The Lyons Press
Dimensions (in inches): 1.51 x 9.24 x 6.36
In praise of Joseph Heywood's previous novel "The Berkut": "A mesmerizing thriller."--Los Angeles Times "An almost perfectly executed adventure novel."--Minneapolis Star Tribune "Unfailingly compelling."--Chicago Tribune "A literate and compellingly readable thriller that rivals The Day of the Jackal."--Publishers Weekly "He writes better than he has to."--The New York Times Book Review. The Snowfly is a spellbinding novel of suspense, international intrigue, and fly fishing. The holy grail that burns at the core of the novel is the snowfly, a legendary insect that attracts trout of such size that they couldn't possibly exist in the world as we know it.

Bowie Rhodes is a UPI reporter and a fly fisherman of extraordinary talent. He learns of the myth of the snowfly early in his childhood: The giant snowfly hatches every seven years, never on the same river twice. It brings to rise only trout that strain the imagination: trout so huge they would have to have lived forty years or more, so wily that they never allow themselves to be caught, or even seen, so hungry for this fly that they will risk exposure to rise for the hatch. The snowfly is the sacred quest of only the most obsessed trout hunters, and has been seen by no living person, existing only in myth and in a lost manuscript. Rhodes's hunt for the manuscript brings him to the extremes of humanity-the jungles of Vietnam, the subterfuges of Brezhnev's Soviet Union, a poisoned Canadian wasteland of uranium mines, and deep into his own heart of darkness. The world Heywood creates is broader, more wild, with more mystery lurking beneath the surface waters than our own. Or is it? The Snowfly makes it all seem gloriously possible. Richly imaginative and sexy, this is an irresistible novel for anyone who loves a good thriller and for fly fishermen everywhere.

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