Sex, Death and Fly-Fishing

Sex, Death, and

John Gierach
Sex, Death, and

An engaging, humorous,
often profound examination
of life's great mysteries:
sex, death and fly-fishing
Paperback, 238 pages
Published by Fireside
John Gierach's quest takes us from his quiet home water (an ordinary, run-of-the-mill trout stream where fly-fishing can be a casual affair) to Utah's famous Green River, and to unknown creeks throughout the Western United States and Canada.

We're introduced to a lively group of fishing buddies, some local "experts," and even an ex-girlfriend along the way.

Among other fly-fishing advertures, Gierach talks about a two-day guided float on the Green with Denny Breer...and a slow moving front coming in from the northwest. "Twice there was enough rain and lightning to drive us off the river into the shelter of the cliffs. The fishing came and went in classic response to the weather: the nastier it was the better it was". And, even though they "caught lots of trout, including some real big ones, and seen roughly sixteen miles of gorgeous western river canyon from the luxurious vantage point of a slow-drifting, old-style wooden mack boat..." they broke camp. Gierach's comment provides an insightful look at the writer and the sportsman: "You have to be careful of greed on a good, new river. You can beat yourself up and finally limp away still without having had enough".

Contemplative, evocative, and wry, he shares insights on mayflies and men, fishing and sport, life and love, and the meaning (or meaninglessness) of it all.

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