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A Special Offering of Floatation Craft

Pontoon Boats & Accessories
Float Tubes
Float Tube Accessories

ODC Classic

The ODC Classic Outdoor Discover Craft our most popular boat! The ODC Classic is a full-featured one man fishing machine engineered for the utmost in performance, durability and portability. Ideal for fishing your favorite ponds, lakes and rivers. Comes fully loaded with these features:

  • Frame - full take-down, no-tools-required aluminum frame with padded rowing seat adjusts on pontoons to balance any load.
  • Pontoons - 8 foot long, 16 inch diameter pontoons are made of heavy duty 840 denier with a 420 denier inner liner. 2 cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to the frame
  • Oars & Oarlocks - 6-foot take-down oars and heavy duty steel clamp-on oarlocks mount into nylon inserts in frame, for smooth rowing
  • Cargo Pockets & Stripping Basket - two large side cargo pockets for tackle storage and large apron with raised edges for fly line control
  • Cargo Deck - large cargo deck with d-rings to secure any load
  • Foot Bars - walk-through foot bars have six-position adjustment to fit any size angler
  • Two-Way Pump - Includes a High volume two-way pump, complete with set of adapters, fills pontoons quickly.
  • Weight Capacity - 375 lbs
  • Overall Weight - 50 lbs
ODC Classic Pontoon Boat

ODC Classic - complete with oars and pump
....... $399.00
Float Tubes

U Boat
U-Boat® Float Tubes. This is the one. The original open-front float tube. Personal fishing floatation's leading edge. The easy-entry tube that took anglers out of the floating doughnut and moved them up to extraordinary comfort and fishing control.

The patented U-Boat design positions the angler higher in the water. You kick and cast more efficiently and handle fish with exceptional ease. There's no harness to hassel with. It's even guaranteed for life. There's simply no better float tube.

U-Boat II® shown above has all the features of the Original U-Boat except for a PVC bladder system--for about half the price! The same legendary design. The same heavy duty 420 Denier nylon cover. It even has the same lifetime guarantee.

Float Tube Accessories

Float Tube Fins
Float Tube Fins. These new fins from The Creek Company are designed for max thrust with max efficiency. Special vents in fin blade provide maximum thrust on the up stroke using strongest muscles and allow less effort on the down stroke providing maximum efficiency. Adjustable heel strap for one size fits all, bootfoot or stockingfoot waders.

Float Tube Anchor and Pump
Float Tube Anchor. Simple as a bag of rocks. Super-tough nylon mesh. Packs easily. 40 foot cord. Rocks not included.

Float Tube Pump. A high-volume, double action pump. Pumping action inflates on the up and down stroke to reduce pumping time. Easily inflates float tubes in two minutes or less. Nozzle fits most valve sizes.


ACCESSORIES SHIPPING: All Accessories ship in 1 day
ODC/Sub Pump Price $30.00
Float Tube Fins Price $39.99
Float Tube Anchor Price $17.99
Float Tube Pump Price $12.99

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