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Special Assortments of Proven Green River Flies
Special Assortments of Proven San Juan River Flies
Flyfishing Accessories
Fly Floatant and Fly Line Dressing
Flytying Instructional CD-ROMs
Flytying Kits
Flytying Benches -- Solid Oak
Quick-Seine® Nets and NEW Handi-Measure™ net handle tape
Wooden Fly Boxes

Brookside Flies Green River Assortments

Brookside FliesWe're pleased to bring you a special assortment of guide-quality, proven Green River Flies from Brookside Flies...among the best flies tied in the world. Often immitated, but never equalled. All Brookside flies are tied on premium Mustad, Eagle Claw, Tiemco and Daiichi Hooks.

Flies come in special display boxes each containing 24 flies; 3 flies each of 8 special patterns, all sized for Utah's Green River and its A, B and C sections!

Three special assortments are available, with each assortment being selected by well-respected Green River guides who regularly make changes to the selections as they become appropriate (current selections may differ than those pictured below.

Green River Spring and Fall Hatches
Green River Attractors/Terrestial
Green River Nymphs

Green River Spring/Fall Hatch Selection
Spring/Fall Hatch Selection

Selection pictured includes:
CDC Midge Adult Dark 24
Olive Midge 22
Griffiths Gnat 18
Parachute Adams 18
Parachute Blue Wing Olive 18
Tunghead WD40 16 "Boomers"
Boomer's Wet Midge 20
WD40 Flashback 20
$49.00 Set, plus tax & shipping (Please Note: current selections may differ than those pictured above).

Green River Attractor/Terrestial Selection
Green River Attractor/Terrestial Selection

Selection pictured includes:
Tan Chernoble Ant 8
Black Chernoble Ant 8
Boomer's Cicada 8 (8)
Foam Beetle with indicator 12
Parachute Hopper 12
Black Cricket 12
Sparkle Trude 14
$54.50 Set, plus tax & shipping
(Please Note: current selections may differ than those pictured above).

Green River Nymph Selection
Green River Nymph  Selection

Selection pictured includes:
BH Black Beauty 18
RS2 Grey 22
Flashback Scud Orange 12
Flashback Scud Pink 12
Tunghead WD40 16 "Boomers"
WD40 Wine 16
San Juan Worm Red 12
WD40 Flashback 20
$41.50 Set, plus tax & shipping

(Please Note: current selections may differ than those pictured above).

Special Sale Price $123.25 for all three Green River sets
Save 15% (a savings of over $20!) good year 'round!

Brookside Flies San Juan River Assortments

San Juan Dry Flies

San Juan Dry Fly Selection

Current selection includes:
PMD Thorax 14
BWO Thorax 18
Gray Midge 22
Olive Midge 22
Sparkle Dun Grey 18
Griffiths Gnat 18
Parachute Adams 22
Parachute Blue Wing Olive 16
$50.50 Set, plus tax & shipping

(Please Note: current selections may differ than those pictured above).

San Juan Nymph Selection

Current selection includes:
Silicon Egg Orange 14
Flashback PT 16
Boomer's Wet Midge 22
Midge Pupa Pearl (Disco Midge) 22
Pheasant Tail 18
RS2 Gray 22
RS2 Olive 22
2-Bead WD-40 Olive 18
$37.50 Set, plus tax & shipping

(Please Note: current selections may differ than those pictured above).

Special Sale Price $79.95 for both San Juan River sets
(list price separately $88.00!) good year 'round!

Fly Tying Accessories

Wilson's Wax and The Juice NooseWilson's Tying WaxTM. Tacky to all common dubbing materials but not sticky to fingers. Non-drying. The dubbing wax serious fly tyers swear by.

Instructional Fly Tying CD-ROMs

Virtual Fly Tying CDVirtual Fly Tying, Volume One, Early Spring Trout Flies, is the first in a series of multimedia instructional fly tying tutorials for Windows 95/98.

The ultimate tying tutorial featuring over 45 minutes of detailed, step-by-step video lessons with right- or left-handed tying demonstrations, biology and stream information, and informative tying techniques.

Volume I got very good reviews from the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide. Click Here to get a quick idea about what makes up Volume One: Early Spring Trout Flies. There's not much cheap about flyfishing...the publishers wanted to keep this affordable. Price $25.

Virtual Fly Tying, Volume Two, Attractors & Terrestials, has just been published. Price $25. Buy both and save $ only $44.95 for the set!!!!

Green River Dry Fly Floatant

Green River Dry Fly Floatant"Simply the Best". Environmentally-safe Green River Dry Fly is "simply the best" fly floatant and flyline treatment available. Tested and approved by professional fly fishing guides on Utah's famous Green River and worldwide. Green River Dry Fly will make your fly float higher and drier than any other floatant available anywhere. It contains NO MESSY WAXES or OILS and is EARTH FRIENDLY. Guaranted to satisFLY!

Available in conveniet 2.1 fl. oz. aerosol spray for on-stream application. Hold fly 1" or two from nozzle and spray. The fly will dry as you cast. So start fishing!

Also available in 1.0 jar for fly tying bench application. Simply dip the fly and let it dry! Also great as floating fly line treatment!

Fly Tying Benches (click on thumbnail for a larger view)

Home Unit Fly Tying BenchThe Home Unit "Perfect Presentation" Fly-Tying Center is a functional solid oak design, that is able to contain most fly-tying accessories like vises, spools of thread, bobbins, hooks, scissors, feathers, etc, at your fingertips.

The Home Units' main designs are to organize fly-tying accessories on the bench, table or desk at home and display fly-tying accessories for the retailer.

  • Six open compartments on top and two in the drawer
  • Twenty-three spindles for thread spools
  • Two clamp arms with seven holes in each for accessories
  • Rubber bumpers on bottom to protect furniture
  • Dimensions 12" x 24" x 9 3/4" high
  • Clamp arm 13.5" long
  • Weight 22 Lbs. Box 2.5 Lbs
  • Sold elsewhere for $299.95

Price $224.95. accessories not included

NEW! Featherboard Accessory (click on thumbnail for a larger view and details)

Featherboard Cupboard. Designed as an accessory to the home unit pictured above. Helps maintain the difficult-to-manage feathers in an orderly fashion. Doors on unit can be closed when not in use.

Price $169.95 feathers not included. Designed for use with the Home Unit, or can be used alone.

Deluxe Fly Tying Kits (click on thumbnail for a larger view)

Cortland Delux Fly Tying KitContains Cortland's Supreme Vise, and:

  • Hackle pliers
  • Bobbin
  • Dubbing Twister
  • Bodkin
  • Scissors
  • Whip finisher
  • Flytying manual
  • Three different size Jaws on vice

The Supreme vise is a quality vice at a very affordable price. Unique, easy adjustable jaws can hold freshwater and saltwater hooks firmly. Includes Skip Morris' book, Concise Handbook of Fly Tying ($7.95 value).

Price $44.95


Quick-Seine® Nets and the NEW Handi-Measure

Quick Seine Flyfishing NetQuick Seine Flyfishing NetTurn your landing net into a seine net instantly! Conveniently captures stream insects for more effective fly-pattern selections. The Quick-Seine® will provide you with an instant sampling of stream insects without the inconvenience of pocket-searching, juggling, or tying-on. Stored and transported on the unused portion of your net handle, the Quick-Seine® frees up valuable vest-pocket space, and can be deployed in seconds to capture and examine insect specimens.

The Quick-Seine® was voted one of the 10 BEST NEW PRODUCTS at the '96 Fly Tackle Dealers Show. Available in two sizes: Regular size -- fits oval & teardrop net frames up to 9" x 13", $19.95. Large size -- fits oval, teardrop and all catch & release nets up to 10.5" x 18.5" $22.95.

The Handi-Measure™ is a net handle tape measure designed to conveniently measure fish in a landing net. Stored out of the way on the net handle, it's always ready to use and makes the measuring process efficient for both anglers and their fish. Patent Pending The Handi-Measure attaches with an adjustable strap design and fits all net handles. Its retractable soft tape safely measures fish up to 36 inches (90 centimeters) and is 100% freshwater rust proof. The tape measure also swivels for off-net use so that the angler can measure another angler's fish.

The Handi-Measure sells for just $13.95.

NEW ITEM! Wooden Fly Boxes

This all oak box is foam lined to hold dozens of flyfishing flies.

It has a fly scene on the outside, and closes tightly with a magnetic latch.

Price $17.95 each.







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