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Five Brand New Fly Fishing & Tying Titles on DVD!

Flyfishing and Fly Tying Instructional DVD Series

Get all 5 DVDs for only $139.95 + shipping!

Over 8 hours of intensive, entertaining instruction in all the essential aspects
of the art of fly fishing and tying. You'll get:

Beyond The Basics & Reading Water
Knots For Fresh & Saltwater
Bonefish School & Billy Pate's Saltwater Fly Casting Secrets
Fly Tying Basics

Beyond The Basics & Reading Water

Fly Casting, Reading The Water, and Entomology with instructors Bill Marts, and television producers and hosts Jim and Kelly Watt from Outdoor Life Network and ESPN who guide the viewer to new knowledge in skills necessary to become an accomplished fly angler.

Learn about still water and streams with instruction and tips that will help anglers understand the fish in its environment. Appreciate how important reading the water is so one can approach the water without spooking the fish.

A quick review of the basics of fly casting is also presented before more advanced fly fishing instruction is offered.

Entomology, the study of insects, is a discipline for some, but most folks just want to know what works when we see fish rising and how best to "Match the Hatch." A practical approach to finding the right fly.

Knots For Fresh & Saltwater

One of the most important elements of fishing enjoyment is your skill at tying knots. Knots are elementary to fishing whether it's fly fishing, spinning or bait, and you can learn every knot you will need to know in this DVD.

Learn from the vast experience of Outdoor Life Network and ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine hosts, Jim & Kelly Watt, along with expert instruction from author Dick Talleur, guide Lenny Moffo, casting expert Steve Rajeff and the Hooker's first mate Randy Baker.

Dick Talleur:

  • Nail Knot
  • Braided Mono Loop
  • Surgeon's Loop
  • Uni Knot
  • Albright Knot
  • Leader to Fly Line
  • Knots for Leaders
  • Blood Knot Double Overhand
  • Surgeon's Knot
  • Nested Nail Knot
  • Nested Uni Knot
  • Knot Strength test
  • Clinch Knot
  • Improved Clinch Knot
  • Turl Knot

Steve Rajeff:

  • Backing to Reel
  • Nail-less Nail Knot
Lenny Moffo:
  • Mono Loop
  • Slip Knot
  • Wire Leader Knots
  • Haywire Twist
  • Albright Combo
Randy Baker:
  • Plastic Coated Wire Leaders
  • Big Game Fishing Knots
Viewers also Learn:
  • Class Tippett
  • Bimini Twist
  • Spider Hitch
  • Huffnagle
  • Double Hook Set with Snell
  • Knot Lines for Billfish


Lakes are some of the most available waters to many anglers and can be a mystery that will sometimes frustrate even the most experienced angler. Bill Marts, your instructor and one of the world's foremost fly fishing instrutors, unravels those mysteries so that you will learn how you can become a more effective angler in still waters.

Topics include::

  • Reading the water
  • Entomology
  • Choosing the right flies
  • Single person flotation devices
  • Strike detection Fish sighting
  • Equipment Fishing techniques
  • How to safely release fish from your line.

Bonefish School & Billy Pate's Saltwater Fly Casting Secrets

Single haul, double haul, flies, lines, rods, reels, bonefish, tarpon, sailfish and redfish, plus tying the Crazy Charlie...all in one 2+ hour information & instruction packed DVD.

The DVD menus let you pick and choose what to watch and in what sequence. Watch Steve Rajeff demonstrate and teach the double haul, then switch to Billy Pate instructing you in his double haul secrets.

The instructors are a who's who in saltwater fly fishing: Billy Pate, Steve Rajeff, Jamie Dickinson, Bob Hyde and Jake Jordan, with a supporting cast of Jim & Kelly Watt, producers and hosts of Outdoor Life Network and ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine.

Learn on the beach and on the flats with practical guide instruction solving real fly fishing problems and catching fish.

Bonus section: Fly Tying: The ubiquitous "Crazy Charlie," with well known Florida Keys guide and expert fly tyer, Lenny Moffo. Additional bonus section includes Steve Rajeff's first permit...on the flats and wading, with exclusive underwater scenes.

Fly Tying Basics

Learn about tools, techniques & basic skills from Dick Talleur. Fly tying authority, columnist, author, photographer, and fly fishing guide teaches you the intricate and delicate techniques of tying very effective flies in an easy to understand, hands-on approach.

Learn To Tie The Following Flies:

Step 1:

  • Gray-Hackle Peacock (Wet Fly)
  • Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear (Nymph)
  • Pale Morning Dun (Dry Fly)
  • Woolly Bugger (Streamer)

Step 2:

  • Hair-Wing Caddis (Dry Fly)
  • Grizzly Wulff (Dry Fly)
  • Muddler Minnow (Streamer)
  • Adams Parachute (Dry Fly)::




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