Unique Gold on Silver Coin Jewelry
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Beautiful & unique Gold on Silver Blue Marlin Coins
from the Bahamas, plus other Nauticals from around the World

Blue Marlin Coin Jewelry

C-120 Blue Marlin Bahamas 1969-1980 Fifty Cents (US half-dollar size, 24" chain) $75.95 ea

First the coins are plated in pure silver, then a small hole is drilled in the coin, and a very fine jewelers saw blade is inserted through the hole and worked around the coin design by hand, cutting away the background, leaving the coin figure "floating" inside it outer edge (rim). Next , each coin is uniquely highlighted by hand with 24K gold, and finished with a clear, hard acrylic coating to protect against wear.

Each work of art comes complete on a 14K gold layered (either 18" or 24") rope chain and in a nice jewelry box

C-102 Iceland
5 kronur

"copper nickel" (US quarter size, 18" chain) minted 1981 to date $59.95

Tavalu 20 cent

(a little smaller than a US fifty-cent size, 24" chain) $121.95

C-120 Bahamas Blue Marlin 50 cent
(US fifty-cent size, 24" chain) minted 1969-1980 $75.95

C-137 Bermuda 5 cent
"copper nickel" (US nickel size, 18" chain) minted 1970 to date $79.95

C-138 Singapore Seahorse
10 cent "copper nickel" (US dime size, 18" chain) minted 1967-1985 $44.95


Availability -- Items normally ship in 2 Days to the US and Puerto Rico. Allow minimum 14 days shipping all others.


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