Foster's Fine Art

Welcome to Foster's Fine Art Online!

We are your online source to Foster's Fine Art bronze sculptures, featuring the world famous bronze art of Ben Foster.

Foster's Fine Art proudly creates bronze sculptures for private collector's, institutions, corporations, schools, and conservation organizations. We can make sculptures of any size, from miniature to monumental, each created with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

Let us show you how you can raise money for your school, college, business, or organization, while at the same time, placing a monumental rendition of your mascot on campus, or your business site.

Foster's Fine Art bronze sculptures are the perfect gift for the "person who HAS everything". Our sculptures also make a great corporate gift or incentive. We can also work with you on your landscaping or interior decorating needs.

We invite you to tour our site to view examples of our craftsmanship. Scroll over our Gallery "text" links (left), to view thumbnail images of each work. Click on the text link to view detailed descriptions and higher resolution images.

NOTE: Each sculpture is individually cast for the customer after
the order has been confirmed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the construction
of your piece to be completed.