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Flyfishing Accessories

Finessing midges on classic limestone waters. Drifting nymph patterns through the pools and pockets of a glacial river. Trolling wooly buggers deep below the surface of a high desert lake. Wherever fly fishermen wet their lines, the difference between success and failure lies in the details.

Details like knots that stay put. Flies that float just right. Lines that flow through the guides like silk. Details. They're what these accessories are all about.

Fly Floatant and Fly Line Dressing

Green River Dry Fly Floatant

Green River Dry Fly Floatant"Simply the Best". Environmentally-safe Green River Dry Fly is "simply the best" fly floatant and flyline treatment available. Tested and approved by professional fly fishing guides on Utah's famous Green River and worldwide. Green River Dry Fly will make your fly float higher and drier than any other floatant available anywhere. It contains NO MESSY WAXES or OILS and is EARTH FRIENDLY. Guaranted to satisFLY!

Available in conveniet 2.1 fl. oz. aerosol spray for on-stream application. Hold fly 1" or two from nozzle and spray. The fly will dry as you cast. So start fishing! Also available in 1.0 oz. jar for fly tying bench application. Simply dip the fly and let it dry! Also great as floating fly line treatment!

List price $9.95 each.

Creek Co. Fly andLine Treatment

Wilson Pure Flote and Pure SincPure FloteTM. Just a dab of this odorless, 100% silicone keeps a dry fly riding high. Viscosity remains constant at all temperatures. Adds virtually no weight. 1/2 fluid oz. List price $3.99 each.

Pure SincTM. A pure wetting agent, Pure Sinc is free of odors and attractants. Promotes rapid water absorption so wet flies and nymphs sink quickly, naturally. 1/2 fluid oz. List price $3.99 each.

Pure Flote/Pure Sinc Twin Pack. Buy both and save. List price $6.98 for both.

Wilson Greased Lightnin
Greased LightninTM Fly Line Dressing. A casting performance boost in a bottle. Also increases line life. Greased Lightnin' cleans and conditions floating and sinking lines without gumming. Keeps lines zipping through the guides friction-free, enhancing casting control and distance. Contains no wax. Non-toxic. Includes free cleaning pad. List price $3.99 each.

Greased LightninTM Cleaning Pads. Non-abrasive, fabric cleaning pads, ideal for use with Greased Lightnin' and other fly line dressings. List price $2.49 each.

Wilson's Wax and The Juice Noose
Wilson's WaxTM. Tacky to all common dubbing materials but not sticky to fingers. Non-drying. The dubbing wax serious fly tyers swear by. List price $4.99 each.

The Juice NooseTM. Simple. Smart. The 5-inch nylon tether (shown above) secures bottles of Pure Flote or Pure Sinc or other vital accessories where they're needed--at your fingertips. The sliding bead locks the bottle in place. Snap hook attaches to D-rings, belt loops and other anchor points. List price $2.99 each.

Nipper, Zingers and Knives

The Nip'n KnotNipperThe Nip'n KnotTM Knot tying tool & nipper combo. Efficient. Effective. Convenient. The consummate streamside tool. Combines a leverless nipper, a guarded needle and a s\nail knot tyer's tool in a single, compact unit. Makes short work of securing leaders and trim knots with surgical precision. Made from high grade stainless steel, the Nip'n Knot will never rust or corrode. Simple knot tying instructions included. List price $9.99 each.

4 in 1 Fish Tool
Nipper (Nipper/Zinger Combo shown above right). The Nipper is a new leverless line clipper. Makes precision surgical cuts. Nips flyline and heavy monofilament. The Nipper has a guarded needle for cleaning clogged hook eyes. List price $8.99 each.

Zinger. The Zinger is a clip-on retractor that keeps tools ready for quick use. Features a nylon coated wire cord and an alligator clip that attaches to D-rings and vest pockets. List price $4.99 each.

4 in 1 Fish Tool (shown at left). The 4 in 1 Fish Tool is fully retractable and includes a 2 inch serrated knife, scissors, hook disgorger and diamond dust hook hone all in one handy tool. List price $19.99 each.

Vest Pack Gift Set

Delux Vest Pack Gift Set (shown at right). High quality gold handled Mosquito Forceps, stainless steel line clipper on a retractable zinger, packed in a reusable clear plastic box. List price $17.99 each.

Leader Wallets

Lifetime Leader Wallet. 4-3/4"x5"x1" List price $19.99 each.

Ultimate Shooting Head Wallet. 5-1/2""x6"x1". List price $19.99 each.

Lifetime Leader Wallet

Compact. Orderly. Virtually indestructible. New Ultimate Shooting Head and Lifetime Leader Wallets provide organization for lines and leaders that you won't wear out in this lifetime.

  • Urethane-coated 420 Denier nylon pack cloth
  • Individual compartments (Leader Wallet has 6/Head Wallet has 4)
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Belt loop
  • Colors: Hunter Green

Koolbak Back Supports

Koolbak Supports are must for those long days on the water, or hiking in to your favorite fishing hole. The personal choice of professional guides and outfitters. KoolBak sponsors many athletes, including olympic weightlifters. Available in 4 styles and multiple colors. List price $39.95 each.

Quick-Seine™ Nets & Handi-Measure

Quick Seine Flyfishing NetQuick Seine Flyfishing NetTurn your landing net into a seine net instantly! Conveniently captures stream insects for more effective fly-pattern selections. The Quick-Seine™ will provide you with an instant sampling of stream insects without the inconvenience of pocket-searching, juggling, or tying-on. Stored and transported on the unused portion of your net handle, the Quick-Seine™ frees up valuable vest-pocket space, and can be deployed in seconds to capture and examine insect specimens.

From Angling Designs, Inc. The Quick-Seine™ was voted one of the 10 BEST NEW PRODUCTS at the '96 Fly Tackle Dealers Show. Available in two sizes: Regular size -- fits oval & teardrop net frames up to 9" x 13", $19.95. Large size -- fits oval, teardrop and all catch & release nets up to 10.5" x 18.5" $22.95.

The Handi-Measure™ is a net handle tape measure designed to conveniently measure fish in a landing net. Stored out of the way on the net handle, it's always ready to use and makes the measuring process efficient for both anglers and their fish. Patent Pending The Handi-Measure attaches with an adjustable strap design and fits all net handles. Its retractable soft tape safely measures fish up to 36 inches (90 centimeters) and is 100% freshwater rust proof. The tape measure also swivels for off-net use so that the angler can measure another angler's fish.

The Handi-Measure sells for just $13.95.

NEW ITEM! Wooden Fly Boxes

This all oak box is foam lined to hold dozens of flyfishing flies.

It has a fly scene on the outside, and closes tightly with a magnetic latch.

Price $17.95 each.


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