Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout

Peter Gathercole
Charles Jardine

The Classic Guide to
Fly-Fishing for Trout/
the Fly-Fishers Book
of Quarry, Tackle,
and Techniques

The most beautiful and
richly informative book on
fly-fishing ever published.
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published by Random House
The complete history of angling, as well as a comprehensive, profusely illustrated guide to every aspect of the sport. Hundreds of full-color photographs and a text by one of the world's most celebrated fly-fishermen make this the ultimate angling sourcebook.

You'll find fly-fishing gadgets, goodies and advice in a cornucopia of angling delights. Divided into seven major sections, including "The Quarry" (from anatomy and salmonid evolution to a run-down of common trout food), "Equipment", "The Fly", "Casting", "Water and Tactics", "The Catch" and "Fly Tying".

It's quite a lot for a single book, and quite an investment. But it's hard to find a more enticing or encouraging book for someone new to the sport of fly fishing.

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